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Help on the Go- Call Our Truck Roadside Service

A2Z Diesel Services is your one stop shop for truck roadside service. When you are on the open road, you need to feel comfortable that you can count on someone being there when you need a truck roadside service in El Paso. As a truck driver or owner of a transportation company, it is always […]

Do You Need a Diesel Mechanic?

If you own a trucking company, having a relationship with a trusted El Paso diesel mechanic is a good idea. Diesel engines on big rigs and tractor trailers have to pull a tremendous load and they require a lot of ongoing maintenance to keep them in good working condition. You don’t want big problems in […]

Offering Specialized Truck Electrical Repair When You Need It

Truck electrical repair must be done regularly in order to ensure that there is not an electrical failure while your truck is operational.  Trucks have become more complicated over the past several decades, with many more electronic parts. While some of the electronics added to commercial motor vehicles have significantly increased safety and have made […]

Cool off with Reliable Truck AC Repair

Being out on the road for many hours, your truck becomes your second home. When you need  truck AC repair as you are coming into El Paso, you have no need to worry. You are always bound to encounter AC problems, yet here at A2Z Diesel Services, we help you get cooled off again. Luckily, […]

Getting Back on the Road- The Service Every Trucker Needs

Whether you have experienced a tire blowout, need something welded, or need engine repair, you need a company that offers truck roadside service. This is going to help you get your problems solved and get on the road faster. This is why A2Z Diesel Services offers truck roadside service up to 150 miles outside of […]

Fix Your Big Rig Without the Towing!

Mobile welding can allow you to get repairs done right on the roadside after a breakdown.  Getting repairs done right where your location is can be both convenient and practical.  If you have to try to move the truck to the garage, further damage could be done or you could incur a significant expense. You […]

Don’t Stay Stranded- We Specialize in Diesel Engines

When you are looking for diesel engine repair, it is important to find a company that is able to get your engine working quickly and that will ensure the engine is fixed properly.  Truck drivers and trucking companies cannot afford to have shipments delayed for a long period of time as they wait for extensive […]

Nothing can Slow You Down With Our Mobile Tire Repair

A2Z Diesel Services offers mobile tire repair to truckers who cannot afford to waste time in getting back on the road. A busted tire on a car is one thing, but a busted tire on a big rig can be a headache for a truck driver. When your job is based on a time frame, […]

Benefits of Truck Roadside Service in El Paso

Getting truck roadside service in El Paso is the best solution if your truck is having problems. There are many reasons why it makes a lot of sense to get roadside service rather than trying to bring your truck into the shop in order to get a diagnosis of your issues and get the repair […]

Upgrade Your Truck With Commercial Tire Dealer in El Paso

If you are an independent trucker and you are looking to upgrade the tires on your 18-wheeler, you need to find the best commercial tire dealer in El Paso. Reliable and Sturdy Needs Your tires need to be able to withstand long days on the road, heavy loads, and unpredictable road conditions. You will be […]