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Help on the Go- Call Our Truck Roadside Service


A2Z Diesel Services is your one stop shop for truck roadside service. When you are on the open road, you need to feel comfortable that you can count on someone being there when you need a truck roadside service in El Paso. As a truck driver or owner of a transportation company, it is always good to know where the best truck roadside services are to be had in the El Paso area. Here are just a few of the reasons that we are considered second to none.



There is really no substitute for having the years behind you to understand just what you are doing in each and every situation. That is just what our licensed mechanic are best at A2Z Diesel Services. It does not matter if you need help because you are stranded at the side of the road or want something looked in at our location; you can count on our expert mechanics.



Real truckers start to listen when we talk about all the other services we offer, like tires with our roadside assistance. Having to hail in your big rig for a tire change can be time consuming and, if you require a tow, very costly. Our diesel mechanics know what they are doing when it comes to diesel services. It is all part of the complete truck roadside service we offer and another reason we stand apart.


We are a locally owned and operated business in El Paso, so we care about the same things that you do. A2Z Diesel Services is the place that you can trust because we know what it’s like to need to get a shipment from one place to the other on time and how a breakdown needs to be dealt with quickly and affordably. Contact us today for more information on our truck roadside services and other diesel services we offer.

Do You Need a Diesel Mechanic?

diesel-mechanic-in-el-paso, diesel-services-in-El-Paso

If you own a trucking company, having a relationship with a trusted El Paso diesel mechanic is a good idea. Diesel engines on big rigs and tractor trailers have to pull a tremendous load and they require a lot of ongoing maintenance to keep them in good working condition. You dont want big problems in your engine to develop because of a lack of routine repairs and maintenance.  You also want to make sure you have a diesel mechanic who can step up to the plate and handle major issues when something goes wrong with a diesel engine.


Experienced Diesel Mechanics You Can Trust

A2Z Diesel Services is a trusted and respected diesel mechanic in El Paso. Many trucking companies have already turned to A2Z Diesel Services because they know that the professionals that we hire have the in-depth knowledge and skills. We have the experience necessary to keep engines running smoothly and to catch little issues before they turn into costly repairs.  Our mechanics can handle everything from inspections and routine maintenance to major fixes on diesel engines. We always work hard to ensure that the engines on your fleet of vehicles are in good working order.


Affordable and Reliable

A2Z Diesel Services knows that skill at fixing engines is the primary thing you look for- but that there are also other important aspects of a partnership as well.  We make sure that we offer affordable diesel services so you can keep your fleet in good working order without spending a fortune. We also do prompt repairs and ensure that we offer great customer service.
To learn more about why you want A2Z Diesel Services to act as your diesel mechanic and to help you to take excellent care of your fleet of vehicles, contact us today.

Offering Specialized Truck Electrical Repair When You Need It

truck-electrical-repair, El-Paso, A2Z-Diesel-Services

Truck electrical repair must be done regularly in order to ensure that there is not an electrical failure while your truck is operational.  Trucks have become more complicated over the past several decades, with many more electronic parts. While some of the electronics added to commercial motor vehicles have significantly increased safety and have made trucks much easier to operate, more electrical components also mean more potential for failure and problems. Regular ongoing maintenance and service helps to ensure that all electronic components of your truck are in good working order so there is less of a chance of an issue.


Reputable and Trusted Service

A2Z Diesel Services offers truck electrical repair in El Paso. Our trusted and experienced company regularly partners with trucking operations to maintain and service their fleets and to perform as-needed repairs when problems arise. We are trusted by companies with fleets of all sizes because of our unparalleled commitment to providing high quality electrical repair service as well as all types of truck repairs.


Specializing in Diesel Engine Services

A2Z Diesel Services specializes only in servicing commercial trucks, which means that our technicians spend their days doing truck electrical repair and other services specific to diesel trucks. We have perfected the art of diagnosing common and unusual problems that arise, and providing repairs that will last a long time. We know that your fleet needs to be on the road and in good working order, not in a repair shop.  We make sure the truck electrical repair that we provide in El Paso and the surrounding areas is going to keep your trucks moving without further breakdowns or problems.
To learn more about truck electrical repair in El Paso and to talk with us about partnering with A2Z Diesel Services so we can take care of your fleet, contact us today.

Getting Back on the Road- The Service Every Trucker Needs


Whether you have experienced a tire blowout, need something welded, or need engine repair, you need a company that offers truck roadside service. This is going to help you get your problems solved and get on the road faster. This is why A2Z Diesel Services offers truck roadside service up to 150 miles outside of the El Paso area. We come to you so you can be on your way in a quick and easy manner.

Save the Towing Expenses

Trucks are subject to many different problems that can occur and that can affect safe operations.  When a truck breaks down, taking the truck into a garage can be a major hassle, especially if the truck is immobile. There is a lot of expense associated with moving a tractor trailer that wont run into a garage. Not only that, but going to a garage can mean getting way off track from your route and losing more time and money.

We Understand the Importance of Good Diesel Services

A2Z Diesel Services understands the needs of truckers to be on the road in a truck that works. We know that time is money and that you cannot afford to go out of your way and take days to get repairs done.  This is why we offer fast and efficient truck roadside service to help you to solve many of the problems that trucks are prone to having.

Many Different Diesel Services to Get You On Your Way

At A2Z Diesel Services, we can take care of every problem your truck has, from engine issues to bad tires. We have tires in stock from some of the top commercial vehicle tire brands and we can bring them right to you as part of our truck roadside service. We also offer mobile welding and many other services that we bring right to your vehicle so you can get going faster.

A2Z Diesel Services is a trusted provider of truck roadside service in El Paso because of our strong commitment to customer service and affordable, skilled repairs. Contact us today to learn how we can help if your truck is broken down.

Fix Your Big Rig Without the Towing!


Mobile welding can allow you to get repairs done right on the roadside after a breakdown.  Getting repairs done right where your location is can be both convenient and practical.  If you have to try to move the truck to the garage, further damage could be done or you could incur a significant expense. You could also find yourself going well out of your way, which can delay your trip even further and make it much more difficult for you to get your shipment delivered on time.  With mobile welding, you do not have to worry about these issues.

A2Z Diesel Services understands that truck drivers are under tremendous pressure. You need to get deliveries made on time in order to keep your customers happy and to avoid spoilage or damage to the shipment.  You also need to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which means not being on duty for too many hours in the day, in the week, or over an eight day period. We offer mobile welding so that you can get your breakdowns fixed in the most timely manner possible so you do not disappoint your clients or lose out on business and income.

A2Z Diesel Services will come promptly to you when you call us for mobile welding.  We will get there fast and we will send qualified and experienced experts who are skilled in truck repair and who can get your truck fixed up and back on the road quickly. We will also make sure that our repairs are well-done so you wont have a problem again in the future and will ensure that the repairs we perform are affordable.

Many truckers in the area trust A2Z Diesel Services when they need mobile welding in El Paso. Contact us today to find out why and to get your repair process started.

Nothing can Slow You Down With Our Mobile Tire Repair

mobile-tire-repair, diesel-mechanic, El-Paso-TX

A2Z Diesel Services offers mobile tire repair to truckers who cannot afford to waste time in getting back on the road. A busted tire on a car is one thing, but a busted tire on a big rig can be a headache for a truck driver. When your job is based on a time frame, you want to make sure any delay can be fixed quickly. Our mobile tire repair is fast and reliable; we go to you so you do not waste any more time than you have to.

Stay on Schedule

If you are the driver of a fruit delivery truck, any delays can have serious adverse consequences for the quality of the goods you are delivering.  A delay because of a problem with the tire of your truck could mean that fruits rot on the truck. This would be a major issue for the company that has hired you to deliver the fruit. You do not want to get a reputation as being unable to make deliveries on time, which means you need to act fast and fix a problem with your tires. Mobile tire repair means you can get back on the road much quicker than you imagined.

We Come to You to Save You Time

At A2Z Diesel Services, we know your livelihood depends upon being able to delivery shipments with no delays.  When you are delivering fruit, we understand that you cannot have your truck full of perishable items sitting in a repair shop for days. A delay in driving to the shop can also take you off your regular route and can add significant time to your journey. With Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) limiting the number of hours per day you can drive, you cant make up this time either. This is why we are ready to come to you with mobile tire repair whenever you need us.

With mobile tire repair, you can stay right on your route. As long as it is within 150 mile radius of El Paso, well come out to wherever you are, fix the problem with the tire, and get you moving again. To learn more about how we can help, contact A2z Diesel Services today.

Upgrade Your Truck With Commercial Tire Dealer in El Paso


If you are an independent trucker and you are looking to upgrade the tires on your 18-wheeler, you need to find the best commercial tire dealer in El Paso.

Reliable and Sturdy Needs

Your tires need to be able to withstand long days on the road, heavy loads, and unpredictable road conditions. You will be driving in all different kinds of weather and the tires on your truck need to withstand the heat.  A blowout could be a tragedy in an 18-wheeler, so you need tires that are well-made and that will stand the test of time.  A2Z Diesel Services can provide everything you are looking for. We are a top commercial tire dealer because we carry the best brands that truckers throughout the country rely on.

Have Them Installed Right Away

A2Z Diesel Services is also a top commercial tire dealer because we have a big selection of name-brand tires ready to be installed right away. When you want new tires for your truck, you cannot wait weeks or months to get them in, get them installed, and get your vehicle back on the road. You need your truck to be up and running so you can make your deliveries and satisfy your customers. We know that time is of the essence, so you can get the tires you need quickly.

Affordable and High Quality

Finally, we understand that you need an affordable commercial tire dealer in El Paso so you do not have to spend a fortune to have high-quality tires that you can trust. We aim to ensure that every tire we sell is at a competitive price so you will not pay more than you need to in order to get great tires on your vehicle.

A2Z Diesel Services is more than just a commercial tire dealer in El Paso. We can also install your tires for you. Give us a call to learn more.

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Where Can You Find Diesel Services and Commercial Texas Inspection in El Paso?


Trucking is never an easy profession, and neither is having to deal with those pesky inspection stickers. Luckily for you, you can receive your Texas inspection in El Paso here at A2Z Diesel Services. At A2Z Diesel Services, we provide every service for your truck at any time, seven days a week. We know that every moment that is taken away from being on the road is lost money, so we want to help you with any issue you might have, from providing great diesel mechanic services to performing Texas inspections for commercial vehicles.

Whether you own a trucking company or are an independent trucker, you are going to need a Texas inspection in order to maintain state safety regulations. A2Z knows that commercial inspections are very different from inspections for personal vehicles. A commercial inspection is more comprehensive, which is why you want an experienced diesel mechanic who knows what they are doing to conduct it. We specialize in commercial vehicles, so when you get your Texas inspection with us, you know you are getting an accurate and reliable inspection done by a specialized professional.  

Being on the long haul is a tough job, and it seems that Texas wants to make it tougher sometimes, but we have you covered here at A to Z Diesel Services. We can provide you with that Texas Inspection in El Paso at the lowest cost and have you back on the road as soon as possible. We are also conveniently located just three miles away from the Horizon truck stop. Our location is a giant three acre lot that is fenced in with security cameras for your peace of mind. We not only provide Texas inspections, but we also provide everything else in-between. For more information about our diesel services and Texas inspections in El Paso, call or visit us today.  

12801 Sparks Dr., El Paso TX 79928 | 915.852.2155

A Trusted and Experienced Diesel Mechanic in El Paso

diesel-mechanic-in-el-paso, diesel-services-in-El-Paso

If you are an owner/operator of a big rig or if you are in charge of one or more tractor trailers, you need to have a relationship with a good diesel mechanic in El Paso. Diesel engines run differently and are, in many ways, more complex to maintain and repair. A typical mechanic who handles the repairs of passenger vehicles may not have the experience, skill and background to find and fix problems with a diesel engine.  

The engine on your truck is worth a lot of money and is the key to being able to transport items and make a living. The last thing you want is to trust the repairs of such a valuable vehicle part to someone who does not know what they are doing. If you need a diesel mechanic, trust the shop that specializes in diesel services and that has an established relationship with many other local and long haul truckers. A2Z Diesel Services is that shop.  We are a trusted diesel mechanic who does repair work for many established truckers and trucking companies. We are ready to add you to our list of satisfied clients.

A2Z Diesel Services aims to make it as easy as possible for truckers to get repairs done. We offer a mobile roadside service to bring truck repair to you whenever possible, and we have many parts in stock so you wont waste days with a truck that is out of service as you wait for a part to come in.  When we do repairs on your truck, we stand behind our work so you can rest assured that the jobs that we do on your vehicle are done right by a certified diesel mechanic.

To learn more about why you should trust A2Z Diesel Services to be your diesel mechanic in El Paso, give us a call.

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Trailer Repair in El Paso | Trust Our Experienced Diesel Mechanics



A2Z Diesel Services provides trailer repair in El Paso for large trucks and tractor trailers. If you are driving through El Paso when your trailer breaks down and you need to get on the road quickly, contact A2Z Diesel Services as soon as possible.

Many mechanics in the El Paso area are simply not equipped to handle trailer repair. Trailer repair is a specialized service that requires an understanding of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations on maintenance and that requires familiarity with large big rig and tractor trailer vehicles. You do not want to trust your trailer to just anyone. A2Z Diesel Services has diesel mechanics with years of experience focused on large truck and tractor trailer repair. We have the knowledge you need to fix your commercial vehicle so you can get back on the road.

At A2Z Diesel Services, we know that time is money for commercial truck drivers. You cannot afford a long delay while you wait for trailer repair to get done. You have a deadline for getting your goods picked up and delivered, and you do not want to lose days while waiting around for your trailer to be repaired and ready to go.  We offer timely, efficient and effective repairs so you can get to where you are going on time.

A2Z Diesel Services also aims to provide excellent customer service and repairs of your tractor trailer at a price that you can afford. We have built a strong reputation in the commercial trucking industry as a top diesel mechanic specializing in tractor trailers and we live up to our reputation for quality, affordability and efficiency with every large tractor trailer we repair.

To learn more about why A2Z Diesel Services is the company to trust for tractor repair in El Paso, give us a call today.

12801 Sparks Dr., El Paso TX 79928 | 915.852.2155